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Silent 62 3-Deck Open

The Silent Yachts revolution has begun!

Welcome to the new world of boating.

With numerous new sales and enormous interest in the Silent yachts concept worldwide, this relatively new brand built in Italy and designed in Germany promises a new, eco-friendly and economical way to go boating.

Incredibly low maintenance and fuel costs, huge cruising capability and exceptional design and build quality make Silent Yachts an obvious choice for any discerning boat owner of the future.

Based on the bestselling SILENT 60, she offers an additional third deck instead of the regular flybridge, while also increasing the overall length of the hull by two feet. A fascinating combination of the superyacht flair of the Silent flagship, the SILENT 80 3-Deck, with the compact dimensions of the SILENT 60. This creates a unique proposal by truly merging the best of both worlds. The third deck is available in three different versions: an open skylounge, a closed skylounge as well a closed owner's suite variation.

Premier Yachting are proud to add the Silent Yachts range to our established portfolio of quality brands.

Call us now on 03 9041 6335 to discuss buyer incentives and European test offers available to anyone considering the Silent Yachts range.

SILENT 62 3-Deck Open Specifications 

Length overall: 18.86 m (62')

Beam overall: 8.99 m (29.5')

Draft: 0.93 m (3')

Light displacement: 39 tons

16 kWp Solar Power Generation 

Certification: CE-A

Front Master / Front Exit
Modell Versions
4 – 6
6 – 8 kn
Cruising speed
1000 L – 1900 L
13 – 20 kn
Top speed
900 L – 2200 L
Trans – Ocean
2 x 500 L


- Unlimited range

- The safest of marine propulsion systems

- Zero emissions

- Virtually no maintenance

- Noiseless cruising


- 8-year Battery Banks Warranty

- 25-year Solar Panels Warranty

- Lifetime Electric Motor Warranty

- CE-A Certification

- Ocean Crossing Capabilities

Electric Motor Options:


2 x 50 kW
143 kWh
Lithium battery
100 kW
6~8 kn
Cruising speed
13~14 kn
Top Speed

The ideal entry into the world of solar powered noiseless cruising. Two electric motors allow you to seamlessly glide towards the horizon providing high levels of comfort, making this option suitable for long term economic cruising. Furthermore, the solar-electric drivetrain features unprecedented levels of reliability and security with almost zero maintenance work needed.


2 x 200 kW
207 kWh
Lithium battery
150 kW
6~8 kn
Cruising speed
16~17 kn
Top Speed

It offers more powerful electric motors, a more powerful generator and a battery bank with increased capacity. These upgrades result in an increased top speed which can be sustained for a certain period of time. As a result, “E-Power” is a perfect blend of sustaining economic solar powered cruising capabilities with higher performance reserves whenever needed.


2 x 340 kW
286 kWh
Lithium battery
150 kW
6~8 kn
Cruising speed
19~20 kn
Top Speed

The most powerful propulsion option combines the largest battery bank with the strongest electric motors available. Therefore higher speeds can be sustained for even longer periods of time while also maximizing the amount of energy which can be stored for back-up and deployed whenever needed. E-Power+ delivers the ultimate solar powered yachting experience.

For further information please call Jim Sismanes at Premier Yachting on 03 9041 6335 or 0411 277 824.


Retail Price POA
Length 18.86 m (62')
Beam 8.99 m (29.5')
Draft 0.93 m (3')
Cabin 4 - 6
Fuel Tank 1000 L – 1900 L
Water Tank 900 L – 2200 L
Holding Tank
Extra Features
Silent 62 3-Deck Open

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