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ePropulsion - Electric Boating

Outboard ePropulsion

Electric outboard motor is designed for performance and quietness. The brushless DC motor is loacted at the base and is surrounded by water allowing effective cooling. There is no gearbox so noise is minimal and no maintenance required.

Because the propeller is low pitch it is a great replacement for high thrust outboards. It move yachts around 3000kg at their hull speed. The higher pitch propeller is best on lighter fishing craft. The Hydro-generation function is great for sustainable sailing.

All the ePropulsion motors are designed for ongoing use in saltwater. They are built with high-quality aluminum alloy as the base material. Anodized coating and powder coating are then applied.

SPIRIT 1.0 PLUS - 1 KW (~3HP)
A portable long range outboard motor ideal for small craft. It has an integrated battery and tiller control.

NAVY 3.0 EVO - 3KW (~6HP)
A powerful 3kW electric outboard for efficient clean power. Suitable for small to mid-sized craft.

NAVY 6.0 EVO - 6KW (~10HP)
Powerful 6kW electric outboard - efficient and clean power for small to mid sized vessels.

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POD Drive ePropulsion

The POD Drive 6.0 kW EVO is a 9.9HP equivalent electric motor designed for performance and quietness. The brushless DC motor inside the POD Drive 6.0 EVO is placed at the bottom and surrounded by water allowing direct and effective cooling. A gearbox free design eliminates noise and maintenance requirements commonly seen with gas motors.

The built-in motor protection slows or stops the motor when it collides with objects underneath the water. More time can now be spent enjoying the trip instead of spending hours or days with the beloved mechanic! When the POD Drive 6.0 EVO electric motor is paired with an E-series battery (Not Included) these features unite to create an electric motor that is perfect for cruising, sailing and other water activities.

ePropulsion Pod Drives are direct-drive and maintenance-free electric motors for sailboats and small crafts. They’re space-saving and maximise your cabin space and hear no noise onboard.

Hydro-generation - ePropulsion pod drive motors allow you to generate electricity from wind and water with hydro-generation function.

Silent and Maintenance Free - Space-saving and efficient POD drives are very popular with sailboats and small watercraft. Create the solution that fits your requirements without modular components.

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Inboard ePropulsion

ePropulsion I-Series is an environmental-friendly electric inboard motor series packed with innovative technology, smart features and human operation design. Underpinned by the highly integrated and modular ePropulsion Smart System Architecture (eSSA) and the IoT connectivity service, it provides users with an easy-to-use, intelligent, safe and reliable experience unlike any other.

Compact and Integrated - a compact design that integrates five functional modules of motor, gearbox, motor controller, system control unit and cooling system into a very small space.

Space-saving - take up 60% less space than typical combustion engines of the same power output and greatly reduce the machine size, providing installation flexibility and maximizing payload space for you.

Lighter weight - 65% less weight than typical combustion engines and 30% lighter than electric inboard motors of similar range.

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