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The new Cetera 60 lands in Australia!

New Cetera 60 multi space yacht will be on display at the 2022 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

The Cetera 60 is a major breakthrough in yacht building .
In a category all its own the 'Multispace' Cetera 60 ft. yacht has much more space than a typical 60’.
Based on a vertical reallocation of space, the extraordinary and innovative layout system enhances livability and comfort on board while creating more living areas.

Designed to accommodate friends and family, featuring social areas where you can experience unforgettable times in complete privacy the Cetera 60 will appeal to boat owners on many levels not the least of which is the 'bang for buck' in the space provided in a 60ft motor yacht which provides so much more space than its size dictates. In fact, Cetera 60' offers 146 sqm/1572 sq. ft. of space, 30 sqm/323 sq. ft. more as compared to yachts of the same size. This achievement is possible by efficiently reorganizing the existing space. It is the result of the team effort by engineers, designers and many other professionals who share the very same passion: a true love for the sea.

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