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Silent Yachts - Craftmanship and Quality

SOLARWAVE 46, a purely solar-powered yacht, the first fully self-sufficient bluewater-catamaran. SOLARWAVE 46 was launched in 2009 and she was was the proof of concept. There are hundreds of solar boats and thousands of electric boats all over the world, but Solarwave 46 was the first oceangoing yacht that powered the propulsion as well as all household appliances exclusively by solar. This includes induction cooktops, stove, microwave, grill, freezers and fridges, air conditioning, washing machine, and water-maker.

Even the dinghy motor and the electric motorbike were solar-charged. No fuel, no gas, but a lot of noiseless and emission free luxury. In 2010 the SOLARWAVE 46 started a rigorous 5 years sea-trial. Heike and Michael crossed all of Europe by river, sailed the dangerous Black-Sea, the stormy Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. This experience of more than 120 weeks was also enjoyed by hundreds of guests and visiting journalists.

The functionality and sea-capability of this yacht were fully scrutinised and passed with flying colours. The solar catamaran accommodated 6 – 8 guests with electrically prepared full board, water-production, cooling and heating. And on top of that the SOLARWAVE 46 was able to power the engines, every day under any weather-conditions, in storms of force 9 as well as in calm weather, with sun, rain, cloudy sky, snowfall and ice.

During this period of 5 years there was no need for maintenance or repair-works, neither for the solar-plant nor the batteries or the electric-engine. The generator, which has to be on board for safety-reasons, was working for approx. 50 hours – primarily to avoid becoming rusty. During the same period of time the electric motors worked more than 2.000 hours – without any maintenance.

This was the proof, that this technology is head and shoulders above all other types of nautical propulsion. And that Michael Koehler’s SILENT System is suitable for self-sufficient sailing and life on board.

Craftmanship and Quality at their best All SILENT yachts are produced under our supervision at world-class shipyards: “Mazarin German Yachts”, a German Shipyard with a production site in China, builds our SILENT 55 Models and Consorzio Navale, our Italian-based Shipyard is responsible for the construction of our SILENT 64 and SILENT 80 Catamarans.

Mazarin represents more than 70 years of experience in high level yacht construction, with individual designs as well as series production. They have delivered over 400 yachts, are specialised in innovative light weight construction and deliver only the finest workmanship.

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