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Azuree 46

The Azuree 46 is a beautifully appointed cruiser capable of impressive performance, designed for those with an eye for fast cruising in comfort and style. This new flagship within the Azuree range incorporates hi tech composite construction with traditional materials. This is a head- turning cruising yacht exactly as her designer intended. Drawn from experience with simplicity and speed in mind, she has the ability to make long effortless voyages over extended distances. 
We love this style of boat; it delivers a heady mix of excitement and excellent traction. If it was a car it would be one which could be thrown it into the corners at high speed in the knowledge that it would respond to the driver's most delicate touch - adrenaline and reassurance mixing in a rare infusion.

Fast, exciting yet forgiving: these are qualities one can find in a dedicated, custom raceboat, and in themselves are not enough to enthuse the wider sailing sector. We needed to focus not just on performance per se, but on performance versus handicapping, under both IRC and ORC rules. We wanted to design a boat that could thrill in its sailing qualities but also have a chance of delivering some silverware, and with the AZUREE 46 we believe we have a boat with well-rounded capability. Of course she will be fast and exhilarating downwind in a breeze, but at the same time powerful upwind in the same conditions, with her long waterline and easy lines giving her the feel and power of a larger yacht. And in the same, ambidextrous way we had to make sure she was no slouch in the light; her hull may be wide and powerful, but the upright immersed sections represent a surprisingly low wetted area form in order to minimise viscous drag and make the most of the AZUREE 46's generous sail plan.

If it was a case of ticking boxes, that's a few of them addressed. But for many boat owners, performance and race-winning potential is only part of their lifestyle. For an immense number, sailing is also about the simple joys of just enjoying life on board, to have home-comforts at anchor as much as to have long-distance passagemaking as part of their potential itinerary. 
The AZUREE 46 is  a very capable offshore cruising yacht with excellent stability and performance attributes that will take you anywhere in com fort and is as much in her element at a quiet anchorage as she is on the open seas. 
The AZUREE 46 is a thoughtfully blended cocktail of outstanding features.
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Retail Price POA-
Length 13.99m
Beam 4.25m
Draft 2.6m
Weight 10,700kgs
Engine Volvo 55hp
Cabin 3-4
Fuel Tank 215.
Water Tank 370lts
Holding Tank
Extra Features

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