Premier Yachting

Azimut Yachts and 5 Star Motor Cruisers Victoria


Premier Yachting in Melbourne has further expanded its business by teaming up with well known Azimut Yachts dealer in Australia ' 5 Star Motor Cruisers', in Sydney.

Officially operating now as 5 Star Motor Cruisers Victoria  and  headed by one of Premier Yachting'  Senior brokers, Graham Stephens, we now  offer the full range of  Azimut Yachts to all our Southern Australian clients. 

With recent sales of a number of new and near new Azimut yachts into Victoria it is clear that the Azimut brand has broken through the market and being seen as a strong quality alternative to all the major brands. 

With the breadth and level of experience that we now provide in representing the brand we know our clients will not regret looking at the Azimut range when next considering a quality, 'top end' yacht purchase.


Recently arrived 

AZIMUT 50 Docklands. 


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