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Boat Equity Overview

The most comprehensive system to independently manage your boat syndicate with confidence.


The vessel is owned by the owners in the boat syndicate, not a third party. The software defines who owns what fraction of the vessel. A unique feature of Boat Equity is that it caters for unequal ownership of a vessel too. For example, a vessel could be owned by two people but one person owns 1/3 and the other 2/3 of the boat.


Boat Equity has the flexibility of either professional third party management or self management by the owners. Those owners who are happy to contribute time can take on the responsibility of organising maintenance and managing the accounts. For those owners who prefer a “walk on, walk off” experience they can appoint a professional management company to run the vessel.

Booking Calendar

The Boat Equity software has a unique booking calendar for owners to schedule their usage. The calendar is point weighted in order to smooth out demand for the vessel in peak times like weekends and public holidays. Each owner has a monthly booking allowance which is calculated as a proportion of 600 points. So for example, a 1/3 share owner would have an allowance of 200 points per month. Each owner is free to use their points in one consecutive booking or in smaller bookings throughout the month.

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